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The old church

die alte Kirche

At the place where the big city church stands today, it already stood
a church in Mylau for centuries.

The first church was probably built in Mylau at the end of the 13th century. It was a small church with a small bell tower on the roof, perhaps also with an attached wooden bell house, at first probably only with a small bell.

Neither the chaos of war no fire have destroyed this church.

However, it was rebuilt several times.
In 1679 a tower was added and in 1688 a larger extension was built as the population increased again after the Thirty Years' War. The small cemetery around the church was no longer sufficient. A new cemetery was therefore laid out in the 17th century. The most magnificent piece of the old church was the organ by Gottfried Silbermann, which he installed in 1731 for 800 thalers. It is still the most valuable piece of the church today.

When the old church was demolished in 1887, the organ had been removed beforehand, and the master organ builder Carl Eduard Schubert rebuilt it in the new church in 1890. Only the baroque case was replaced by a neo-Gothic case, but the pipework remained almost unchanged.

Facts of the new church

die heutige Stadtkirche
  • Organ: 1731 Gottfried Silbermann
    expanded, stored and inserted into the new church by Carl Eduard Schubert in a neo-Gothic housing
    1155 pipes - 21 registers

  • 102 different brick shapes!
    Picture above entrance: 1990 Meißner painter Wolfgang Hänsch

  • the most important numbers
    Tower height: 72 m
    Length of the nave (inside the entrance door to the altar): 35 m
    Width of the nave (widest point): 23.5 m
    Height to the highest point of the vault: 13 m
    Number of towers: 10
    Number of seats: 1100
    Window: 74

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